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ONL152...signing on!

More exciting, the second time around...

For the second time around, I joined the Open Networked Learning course but this time as co-facilitator. I never expected that I will enjoy collaborating with other people online without knowing them personally in different beliefs and cultures. Life indeed is the process of life long learning and making connection with others is one way of acquiring new knowledge. Well, I am pretty sure that everyone you will meet know's something you don't. Knowing people I guess is like "harvesting", just like getting the good crops and leaving the bad ones. Well getting or selecting brilliant ideas from others and not really paying attention to the irrelevant ones will be a good tactic.

Being in ONL152 is very fulfilling because I can share my experience to the new participants and help the ONL course better.  I can really see my self the first time I join the ONL, some are not really familiar with the tools like google hangout but here I am…

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